Assignment 2 Proposal

April 28th, 2011

Jackie Weber

Eng 391 Prof. Zino

Final paper proposal

Due: 4/28/11

For my paper I am going to focus on the fourth prompt: “I see what you say.”  I will be focusing on Turner’s paintings in comparison to essays by Emerson and poetry by Emily Dickinson. Between Turner and Emerson, I’m going to focus on the sublime, and the importance of the eye; the eyes interpretation of vision versus the reality.

Thesis: How do Turner, Dickinson, and Emerson use their craft to show their personal views and how they interpret the world?

Main Argument: How different perspectives shape how we view certain, everyday things.

Paragraph 1: Brief intro to my thesis.
– Introduce writings, paintings and main arguments.

My body paragraphs will focus on the argument and each will be dedicated to a specific artist/images.

-Emily Dickinson/a poem
-Turner/a painting
-Emerson/an essay

I will also be incorporating some opposing views as well; i.e. Holmes.

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